Experiential learning is a big part of every education at the IUPUI School of Science.

Whichever path a student follows, the IUPUI School of Science provides a solid academic and experiential foundation. We teach beyond the textbook.

We believe in the power of seeing, doing, and learning things for one’s self — which is why we place such a high value on undergraduate research.

As early as freshman year, School of Science students participate in research projects with access to high quality equipment in the lab and in the field. These experiences prove invaluable, teaching students the skills they need to compete in graduate school and beyond.

Majors & Degrees

Undergraduate students in the School of Science can choose from a wide variety of majors.

Minors & Certificates

Expand the impact of your degree through a minor or certificate.

Health Professions & Prelaw Programs

The School of Science offers programs to help prepare students for professional school, including pre-med, pre-pharm, and pre-dent.

Special Programs

In addition to traditional academic offerings, the School of Science and IUPUI provide programs designed to help students access cross-functional areas of study, supplement and enrich regular degree programs or gain international experience.

Division of Undergraduate Education

Offering administrative supervision to all undergraduates by supporting high-quality learning and on-time degree completion.  This division also supports transfer students and sophomores and re-engagement of degree completers (learners who have some college but no degree).