INdorsed Professional Development Certification

INdorsed Professional Development Certfication Program LogoIdentify, develop and market your career potential and make it clear to employers or admissions committees that you are prepared to:

  • Join the workforce
  • Excel in professional school
  • Contribute to the expansion of scientific knowledge in grad school & beyond

It takes more than a Great GPA to demonstrate your value

A college degree alone no longer represents the full measure and potential of professional competence in today’s complex workplace. Employers and admissions committees are looking for additional validation before selecting candidates to join their teams.

The INdorsed Professional Development Certification Program provides that validation—identifying you as a serious candidate when applying for internships, entry-level jobs, grad school or professional programs.

Show Them You Have What it Takes

  • Be mentored by career services professionals
  • Explore ideal careers to find the ones that bests suits you
  • Identify strengths and enhance marketable skills
  • Build professional experience and document skills gained through internships, research, and work experience
  • Learn how to convey your value

Program Guidelines

Download the certification check sheet.

  • Open to current science majors only.
  • Certification requirements must be completed within 3 years of start date.

Get Started

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CDPI LogoThe Professional Development Certificate is part of the INdorsed Career Ready Graduate Program of the Career Development Professionals of Indiana.