Fundamentals of Earth History

GEOL-G 109




Fundamentals of Earth History is like a history class, except this class starts 4.6 billion years ago and finishes at today. Unlike a history course, not only will you learn important events in Earth history, but you will learn the important Earth processes that have shaped our planet, and learn the science that underlies our understanding of Earth history. Common questions answered are "where did our oceans come from?" "How did the Rocky Mountains form?" and "why was Indiana once under an ocean?" This course explores our current understanding of the Earth and some of the tools geologist use to interpret past events. Topics include:

  • Earth history including geologic time, basic rock types, and reconstructing past environments.Physical development of the earth: its interior, mountain formation, and plate tectonics.
  • Origin and development of life: evolution, and the fossil record.

G109 includes an optional 1-credit laboratory G119 that is taught independently form the course. G109 is equivalent to IU GEOL G104, IU GEOL G112, and PU GEOS 112.