Fundamentals of Earth History Laboratory

GEOL-G 119




This course is the laboratory companion to G109. This is a separate 1 credit course that operates independently from the lecture section. This laboratory course explores our current understanding of the Earth and some of the tools geologist use to interpret past events.  Specific topics that may be addressed include:

  • Complete exercises using maps and problem solving to understand geologic time and the interpretation of age relationships of different earth materials
  • Use identification of basic rock types to reconstruct and interpret past Earth environments.
  • Use maps to interpret and analyze the physical development of the earth: its interior, mountain formation, and plate tectonics.
  • Study fossil samples and complete exercises to learn the origin and development of life adn the interpretation of past Earth environments.

A laboratory textbook is required in the course. G119, when taken with the lecture G109, is equivalent to IU GEOL G104, IU GEOL G112, and PU GEOS 112.