Indiana Geology

GEOL-G 135




Indiana Geology is offered as an online class only, delivered through Canvas. Optional field trips are offered.

This course covers a variety of topics that will help you understand basic concepts of physical geology through a study of Indiana's landscape. This couse covers some general principles of geoscience, the earth materials of Indiana, the geologic processes found in Indiana, and the interactions of humans and the environment in Indiana.  Topics include:

  • The geologic history of Indiana including bedrock formation, glaciation, and karst processes.
  • Explanations of the varied landscapes accross the state and the geologic process that created these landscapes.
  • Fossils of Indiana and explanations of their environment of formation int he geolgic past.
  • Mineral resources of Indiana including limestone, coal, ores, and petroleum.
  • Virtual tours of underground mines, coal mines, an aerial tour of southern Indiana, and a tour of several state parks.