Service Learning in Geology

GEOL-G 199


G107, G110, G115, or G135.


Students participate in community service projects. Completion of the project includes a paper reflecting on how the service experience contributed to their application of the principles of general education. The G199 course consists of students participating in three environmental service learning projects with the IUPUI Center for Earth and Environmental Science. The CEES Environmental Service Learning project schedule and registration information can be found at: Please review the service leaning schedule, select three projects and register for them online. After completing the three service learning projects, G199 students will complete a 3-5 page paper outlining the overarching themes of the service learning projects and the projects' relationships to the mission of CEES. 

This class meets the service learning standard of the IUPUI RISE challenge (research, international study, service and
Experiential learning). To learn more about the RISE Challenge, go to http://www.Iupui.Edu/administration/acad_affairs/rise/.