What Can You Do with a Degree in Environmental Science?

What kind of work can you do with a degree in environmental science?

• Aquatic ecology and toxicology
• Ecology
• Education
• Environmental compliance
• Environmental consulting
• GIS analyses
• Groundwater protection
• Hydrology and Hydrogeology
• Industrial hygiene
• Landfill operation & monitoring
• Land use planning
• Natural resource management
• Natural resource utilization
• Planning-land use, water, air quality
• Political action and lobbying
• Public and environmental health
• Quality control & risk assessment
• Reclamation of contaminated lands
• Research
• Recycling
• Safety and health management
• Soil and water conservation
• Surface water management
• Sustainability planning
• Technical writing
• Waste treatment and disposal
• Water resource protection & mgmt.
• Wetland protection

Education - Where will your degree take you?

Bachelor Degree
Masters DegreeDoctoral Degree
Entry level positions in local, state, federal government, consulting, land trusts, and industry and preparation for graduate programs in science and lawManagerial positions in government, consulting, industry, non-government organizations, and research and teachers at high school and community collegesPositions in independent research at universities, university faculty, government agencies (USEPA, NASA, USDA etc), thinktanks, non-government organizations