IUPUI Intergroup Dialogue: Dialogue on Race or Gender

Tuesday, 30 July 2013 - 9:00am - Wednesday, 31 July 2013 - 4:00pm
University Library (July 23, 30 - 31) + Lockefield Village (July 24)

Last Two of Four Days (First Two Days are July 23 & 24)

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The IUPUI Intergroup Dialogue Workshop: Dialogue on Race or Gender* offers participants a forum to experi-ence and explore Intergroup Dialogue as a model for learning about diversity, equity and inclusion. Participants will actively engage in exercises and conversations focused on creating understanding and working through the conflicts and differences that exist based on racial identity. Through participating in this four-day program, partici-pants will engage in a sustained dialogue process involving the following distinct, planned stages of learning:

  • Stage 1: Group Beginnings: Creating a Shared Meaning of Dialogue
  • Stage 2: Identity, Social Relations, and Conflict
  • Stage 3: Issues of Equity, Fairness and Inclusion: “Hot Topics”
  • Stage 4: Alliances and Empowerment


If you are interested in participating, please respond to the attached Survey Monkey questionnaire http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZHSDRS5 by July 16.
Note: responding to this questionnaire serves as an ex-pression of interest. Actual registration and participation will depend on additional considerations described be-low.

Co-Facilitators: Margo Foreman, Asst. Director, Diversity Workforce Recruitment and Retention, IUPUI Office of Equal Opportunity; and Dan Griffith, Director, IUPUI Office for Intergroup Dialogue and Civil Community

Dialogue theory and research suggest that learning about issues of social diversity is strongest when emotional, ex-periential learning is incorporated with traditional cognitive learning. Moreover, learning is strongest when there is a focus on differential power and privilege between social groups. In addition, within IGD, conflict is seen as a teaching opportunity, and the emphasis is on normalizing and managing conflict within the learning environment.

Please keep in mind the following considerations:

  • *Number and Racial/Gender Mix of Participants: The general social identity issue that we will discuss, and whether the dialogue will be based on race or gender, will ultimately depend on the race/gender mix of individuals selected to participate. The dialogue will include approximately 16 participants. For a dialogue on race, roughly half of the participants should be white (Caucasian) and half should be people of color. For a gender dialogue, the gender mix must be roughly equal between male and female participants. The questionnaire will ask you to provide basic information concerning your racial and gender identity. If you are not considered for this dialogue, opportunities will be available to participate in the future.
  • Time Commitment: Your full engagement in the dialogue process will be important. You should plan to participate in all four (4) sessions, but at a maximum miss a total time of no more than one full-day session. If this is not possible, you may not want to participate at this time.
  • Questions? Please contact Dan Griffith (317.278.4230; dgriffit@iupui.edu) or Kati Reeves (317.274.4520; kreeves7@iupui.edu) if you have any questions. For further information about IGD at IUPUI, go to www.igd.iupui.edu.