Science on Tap: Tales of the Souse Mouse - Lessons on the Actions of Binge Alcohol Exposure on Brain and Behavior

Thursday, 25 April 2013 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm

 In the United States, 29% of women and 43% of men report that they have engaged in binge drinking, consumption of 4+ and 5+ alcoholic beverages within 2 hours, respectively, at least once.  This risky pattern of drinking produces blood alcohol levels that exceed the legal limit over a short period of time, seriously impairing normal brain function and compromising the health and safety of the individual.  But how does alcohol impair brain function and subsequent behavior, and what is it about the brain’s response to alcohol that leads to repeat binge episodes?  Mouse models of binge alcohol intake and sensitivity are now allowing neuroscientists to begin understanding the actions of acute and repeat binge alcohol exposure on brain and behavior.  Dr.  Boehm will introduce some of these mouse models, and discuss how they have used them in his lab to begin understanding the actions of binge alcohol exposure on motivational brain circuits.

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