Forensic + Investigative Sciences

Student in labForensic science is the application of scientific methods and processes to matters that involve crime or the public. There are many branches of forensic science because almost any science has some applications to public or criminal matters. Because forensic scientists are typically required to testify and handle evidence, extensive background checks are done on all candidates for these jobs. Use of drugs, criminal history, serious financial problems, and/or dishonesty typically would disqualify candidates from being considered for forensic science positions.

If you want to learn and study forensic science, IUPUI is the perfect place. We have nationally recognized faculty in forensic chemistry and biology supported by one of the largest medical schools and one of the top law schools in the U.S.

IUPUI is in downtown Indianapolis where the state and local crime labs, courts, state police and other law enforcement agencies are located. We have the most modern, state of the art instrumentation that you can use yourself to learn about how evidence is analyzed. You can perform cutting edge research and do an internship at a real crime laboratory and get credit for all of it. Come to IUPUI and be a part of one of the leading forensic science programs anywhere in the world.

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