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Where do geology majors find jobs?

  • Coal/mining companies
  • Construction firms
  • Consulting firms
  • Drilling companies
  • Environmental agencies
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Government agencies*
  • K-12 school systems
  • Museums
  • Naval division of the armed services
  • Petroleum industry**
  • Private research firms
  • Quarries
  • Railroad companies
  • Well services and drilling companies
  • University/college

IUPUI Geology Graduates graduates have been employed by

  • Arcadis
  • Indiana Geological Survey
  • Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Solar Sources, Inc.
  • USDA Natural Resources
  • Universities

*Government Agencies (federal, state, & local) includes Environmental Protection Agency, Forest Service, Army Corps of Engineers, US Geological Survey, Bureau of Land Management, Department of Defense, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Bureau of Mines, Office of Surface Mining
**Petroleum industry includes oil and gas exploration, production, storage, waste disposal facilities