Graduate Student Housing

IUPUI Campus Housing

IUPUI understands that graduate professional needs are different from that of the undergraduate student. The Graduate Professional Community within the Campus Apartments is specifically designated for students pursing graduate or professional degrees. Click here for more information regarding Campus Apartments and Housing Rates.

Local Apartments

The IU School of Dentistry has created a rated list of off-campus apartments in Indianapolis, which identifies location, size and price. 

Other usefule sites

Always remember to ask if the apartment offers student of IUPUI discounts. For a list of IUPUI discounts, visit JagPerks.

International House

As a living and learning center, I-House offers a cross-cultural residence option for international and U.S students and organizes programs on global issues for the campus and community. I-House brings together students, faculty, staff and the Indianapolis community for dialogue about international events and cross-cultural issues, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and development of global awareness. Learn more about International House.