Clinton Broach

SL 060
(317) 274-3864

B.A. History – Purdue University 2004
B.S. Geology – University of Southern Indiana 2011

Research Interests: 

I began the MS program here at IUPUI in January 2012 and have just begun my research working under Dr. Bill Gilhooly.  We are currently building my thesis around some previous research I began as an undergraduate at USI where I was involved in the coring of coal seams of the Carbondale Group in southern Indiana.  My thesis research will likely entail completing a geochemical analysis of the marine to non-marine transitional lithofacies associated with cyclothemic sections of four Upper Pennsylvanian cores.  Specifically we will be looking at the stable isotope signatures associated with both marine and freshwater mudrocks and shales and exploring how these geochemical signatures change over time in response to various controls and what these tell us about basin evolution. 

I have diverse research interests that include basin analysis and stratigraphy, in particular sequence stratigraphy and the interplay between sediment control and base level, petroleum reservoir genesis and maturation, paleogeography and historical geology, and of course a love of all things paleontological. 

My work experience ranges from an initial career in home remodeling and design, to coal core description and analysis in western Kentucky, and most recently to offshore mudlogging with Geoservices – Schlumberger working on oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Faculty Advisor: