Dawei Liu

SL 037
(317) 274-8383

M.S., IUPUI, 2012 (expected)
B.S., Jilin University, China, 2009

Research Interests: 

I was born and raised in the northeast of China. I began my M.S. study at IUPUI in August 2010. My research interest is to use remote sensing techniques for investigating the origin and geological evolution of the Moon and other planets. My goal is to improve Hapke’s radiative transfer model for accurately deriving the mineral abundance of immature and mature lunar soils from lunar spacecraft data including multi-and hyper-spectral images. The model uses Mie theory to characterize the spectral effect of large size (>50 nm) submicroscopic iron contained in agglutinates and the Hapke model to describe the effect of smaller iron particles on typical mineral reflectance, and can achieve accurate estimation of agglutinate, pyroxene and plagioclase. Current efforts are made to improve the estimate for olivine and ilmenite. I will be enrolled in the department Ph. D. program in fall 2012.

Faculty Advisor: