Deborah Nichols

SL 058
(317) 274-3864

A.A.S., Aviation Technology, Purdue University, 1992
B.S., Management, Purdue University, 1994
M.P.H., Epidemiology, IU School of Medicine, Department of Public Health, 2007
M.S., Earth Sciences, IUPUI, 2011
Second Year, PhD student, Earth Sciences, IUPUI

Research Interests: 

The core of my research project is to develop novel techniques and experiments bridging the health and physical sciences to understand how children are exposed to the harmful element lead (Pb), and thus gain information on how to reduce this exposure. Based on previous work it has been suggested that Pb-saturated soils and the re-suspension of fine materials from these soils during dry seasons play a major role in Pb exposure to urban children. This might be an important answer to the puzzle of why research shows 30% of children with clinically defined Pb poisoning do not have a clear Pb paint source for exposure. This apparent link between ambient particle concentrations (droplets or solids suspended in the atmosphere) and Pb exposure is the core thesis of my research project.

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