Fotios Christos A. Kafantaris

  • Ph.D. student in Microbial Geochemistry; IUPUI
  • M.S. in Petroleum Geosciences; Imperial College London
  • B.S. in Geology and Geo-environmental Studies; University of Athens
Research Area(s): 
Research Interests: 

My name is Fotios, and I am PhD candidate in Earth Sciences at IUPUI investigating the thermodynamics and kinetics of nucleophilic dissolution of nanoparticulate elemental S (S8nano) by sulfide, using various analytical techniques. 

I form sulfur nanoparticles (hydrophilic/hydrophobic) with and without surfactant coating (anionic, cationic, non-ionic) and investigate how the kinetics of the above reaction change. Field analogue sites include Yellowstone National Park, US and Milos Island hydrothermal system, Aegean Sea, Greece. 

I am also interested in the fate and the oxidation pathways of reduced sulfur species, specifically when involving natural organic matter (NOM) as the electron acceptor. Part of my thesis is focusing in the interaction of sulfur species with NOM and the characterization of the redox evolution of sulfur species resulting from the sulfurization and redox reactions taking place.

Previous work of mine focused on transition metal stable isotope analysis, petroleum organic geochemistry of shale materials, and gamma-ray spectroscopic studies for the characterization of radioactivity of natural Earth materials.


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