Jessica Adamic

SL 058
(317) 274-3864

B.S. Indiana State University
M.S. Indiana State University

Research Interests: 

My name is Jessica Adamic and I am a first year PhD student working in the Geochemistry Lab. I am originally from a small town in Michigan and moved to Indiana to complete my B.S. and M.S. Degrees in geology. After studying climate variations in the past, I became interested in modern environmental problems in our communities and came to IUPUI to research the effects of lead on our communities and the people living within them.

I am a National Science Foundation GK-12 Graduate Fellow in which I am involved in science outreach programs with Indianapolis area middle and high school students as part of the Discovering the Science of the Environment program with the IUPUI Center for Earth and Environmental Science.  I have brought my research into the K-12 classroom by designing an educational program on sustainable energy.

Faculty Advisor: