Ying Sun

SL 037
(317) 274-8383

M.S, Planetary Remote Sensing, IUPUI, 2012 (expected)
B.S, Geology, Jilin University, 2008

Research Interests: 

I was born in Jilin province, China. I enrolled in the graduate program of IUPUI in spring 2011 to pursue my master degree. My graduate research forces on characterizing the lithology and mineralogy of lunar crater central peaks with hyperspectral remote sensing images in order to investigate compositional variation with depth and evolution of lunar crust. Achieving this goal involves correction and analysis of hyperspectral images with empirical and radiative transfer models and producing lithological maps of central peaks of large craters on the Moon. After finishing my MS study, I will continue my Ph. D. research in the Department of Earth Sciences at IUPUI.

Faculty Advisor: