News + Profile Submissions/Requests

The School of Science Marketing and PR Office relies on a collective effort to strengthen the brand of the school and recruit the best and brightest students and faculty. We need the help of faculty, staff and students to make sure the great work being done throughout our buildings and labs doesn’t go unnoticed!

News that might be considered newsworthy includes but is not limited to: pending research publication, the launch or success of programs or initiatives, faculty, staff or student awards and honors, student or alumni success stories, activities that directly benefit the larger community (economic, environmental, social impact, stories unique to the learning environment established in the School of Science and IUPUI.

Request Story Develop/Submit Story Idea

Please submit story ideas to
Please make every effort to submit your request or idea as early as possible—before an event or project occurs—to ensure that your idea gets the proper attention.

  • Press Releases: At least two (2) weeks advance notice, or as much notice as possible, is required to effectively plan a media relations campaign. Exceptions can be made in the event of breaking news, topics related to current events or announcements that can be quickly produced and distributed.
  • Profile and Program Story Ideas: Please allow a minimum of three weeks lead time.
  • Event Promotion: 
    • An individual or department that seeks to publicize an event should contact the School of Science Marketing & PR Office. We may be able to offer direct support and resources to help you promote your event or program. Contact Candace Gwaltney at 317-274-0685 or as soon as possible.
    • All School related events should, at a minimum, be posted to the Department, School and IUPUI calendars. Email your event details to:

Submit Copy for Review/Publication

All releases or information intended for off-campus or external audiences must be reviewed and should be routed through the Associate Director of Communications Candace Gwaltney at 317-274-0685 or

Do you already have a piece written and would like it publicized or put on the website? Email

Selection Process

You can expect a personal email response from communications within two (2) business days of the submission. Additional meetings and communications may be required to evaluate the idea. Ideas that warrant a press release will be completed and distributed according to the nature of the event/idea as well as the strategy determined by the communications and PR office. Students will be selected according to their individual stories, experiences, and academic achievement as well as where their story fits into the mission to highlight diversity in background, gender and areas of study. Each potential profile subject will be evaluated prior to initiating a full-scale profile project.

The communications and marketing team will evaluate each individual idea using the following criteria:

  • Merit
  • News value
  • Current workload
  • Return on Investment
  • Relationship to goals/key messages
  • Specific content needs related to the website or ongoing communications strategy

All decisions related to a content submission will be discussed and explained to you by a team member. Additional meetings and communications may be required as the team gathers the information needed to evaluate the idea. Content will be posted online or promoted at a time that fits with the strategic goals of the department as well as the need to fill voids or enhance content on specific departmental websites, for specific schools or programs, etc.

Story Development + Publication Process

  • Interviews + Photos: The Marketing & PR Office will arrange the necessary interviews and photos shoots. 
  • Copy Development: Draft copy will be reviewed and approved by the profile subject and appropriate faculty or staff. All research-related stories must be reviewed and approved by the Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education.
  • Publication + Promotion: The next course of action depends on the nature of the idea as well as the potential campus or community interest it may receive.
    • Media Releases: The School’s communications staff routinely issues targeted press releases regarding research, special accomplishments, events and activities or programs and plans. The office has access to numerous media contacts and will work with applicable individuals to coordinate publicity on all appropriate newsworthy issues.
      • If the targeted audience is an outlet other than traditional local and regional media, the faculty/staff member should be prepared to provide a list of preferred outlets as part of the discussion.
      • Completed student profiles will, at a minimum, be sent to the hometown newspaper and high school of the profile subject.
    • National distribution of news related to the School of Science at IUPUI occurs through the EurekAlert distribution system. This national journalists database specializes in science news and reaches outlets of all sizes and specializations across the country. News of national impact, especially news related to research breakthroughs or publications, typically is distributed through this process.
    • Other Tools: The School of Science Marketing and Public Relations Office utilizes a host of tools to distribute messaging and content. The primary vehicle is the school website, on which news stories with photos and links to additional content can easily be included. Additionally, the site has specific pages for alumni, student and faculty profiles based on department affiliation. Content can be duplicated on the Science homepage as well as any departmental homepage. In addition, the team regularly uses the following Media Tools