Processing School of Science Grant Proposals

Submit a grant proposal
To get approval of grant proposals on behalf of the School of Science, or get answers to grant budget questions and other grant concerns, please email Tina Bryant or call her at 278-4272. You can also email Mary Harden or call her at 278-0214. If they are unavailable for an extended period, contact the ORA Help Desk at 278-3473.

Informatoin from our PI’s will be forwarded to the ORA so that someone may be assigned to help process the proposal. 

Questions about submitting a grant proposal?
Contact or Tina Bryant: | 278-4272

Approving grant proposals on behalf of the School of Science, grant budget questions, other grant concerns: contact Mary Harden at; 278-0214. If she is out of the office for an extended period, contact Debbie Allard at; 278-2495.

The proposal submission process

  1. The School of Science faculty member emails when planning to submit a research grant proposal to an external sponsoring agency.  As always, advance notice is welcome and appreciated, and helps us to be better prepared as busy deadlines approach.
  2. Tina or Mary will contact ORA, which will assign someone to assist the faculty member with the proposal.
  3. The assigned ORA team member will email the PI with an introduction and will provide any and all help needed, including budget preparation and initiating a route sheet for the proposal. 
  4. Once the proposal is ready for submission to the agency, ORA routes it through for approval by the PI, Dept. Chair/chair’s delegate, School of Science (Mary Harden or Tina Bryant), and then submits it to the funding agency.
  5. The School verifies the budget and budget justification information, confirms the correct Indirect Cost (F&A) rates are applied and shared appropriately between departments/ schools, and makes sure all commitments, agreements, cost matches and cost shares are documented as needed.

Timeline for proposal processing

To begin processing a proposal, everything except the science is needed.

Administrative Documents: Needed 5 Full Business Days in Advance of the Due Date

  • Budget
  • Budget Justification
  • Biosketches
  • Start and End dates
  • Resources
  • Facilities and Equipment
  • Letters of Support
  • IRB (Human Subject) and/or IACUC (Animal) information, if applicable
  • Letters of Support, if applicable
  • Multiple PI Plan (NIH only, if applicable)
  • Data Management Plan (NSF, always applicable)
  • Human subjects/Animal/Biohazard approvals;  this is usually pending
  • Other Support documents

Science Documents: Needed 2 Full Business Days in Advance of the Due Date

  • Project Narrative
  • Project Summary
  • Research Strategy
  • Project Title
  • Attachments (other than the documents listed above)
  • Bibliography and References cited
  • If it’s an NIH resubmission or revision, an Introduction to Application document is needed, along with the Federal Identifier number.  The Introduction to Application is created by the PI after receiving the critiques.  The Fed ID number is provided by the agency via email.

Late Waiver Request

Any proposal submitted to ORA with less than 5 full business days’ notice before the agency due date will require the PI to make a waiver request to ORA for the late submission. The late waiver request is sent to the Dept. Chair, the SOS Associate Dean for Research (Dr. Skalnik), and ORA.

Additional information; questions

Please contact Mary Harden (; 278-0214) or Tina Bryant (; 278-4272), or the ORA Help Desk at 278-3473 for any additional information regarding grant proposals.