Website Resources

Update/Change Requests

  1. Please send email to
  2. The email should clearly describe these items:
    • The site that requires the work e.g. Chemistry, Physics
    • A URL to the page(s) that needs attention.
    • Description of the work to be done.
    • Full name of the person making the request
  3. Any additional files needed to complete the work described should be attached to the mail request.
  4. If the work is complex enough that the requester would like to meet to discuss details in person, include a request to schedule a meeting with the webmaster.
  5. In general the requester should expect the work to be completed anywhere from one to three business days after the request has been submitted. In the event that the work will require more time to complete, the requester will be notified and delivered an ETA.

Make the Updates Yourself

The School of Science and its department websites use the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). All authorized faculty, staff and grad students are able to edit their own directory page. Other authorized users can edit select sections of the site. 

Download a user guide

Website Development - Individual & Center Sites

The School does not currently offer development for individual websites. The school can host your site on its servers, but you, one of your grad students, or a paid programmer will have to create the site files.

Design your own website

Recommended editors are webmatrix (Microsoft), Adobe Dreamweaver (MAC/PC versions available free from IU Ware as part of the Adobe Creative Suite – in the design + production category ), or Sandvox (MAC only).

Hire a web programmer

We can help connect with you a web programmer. Contact

Update Your Directory Page

You can add detailed information about your research to your directory page, including links to the directory/bio of the graduate students who are members of your lab. For instructions on how to update your directory page download the Web Manual - User Profile Guide.

Web Hosting

Once you’ve created the site, we can upload to the school’s server, where you will have full permissions to modify the site. Contact for more information.

Erika Wilson 

Assistant Director of Web & Digital Media

As AD of Web Technology, Erika is responsible for creating, integrating and maintaining full web-based operations for all programs in the School of Science as well as contact databases and customer relationship management (CRM) systems used for recruitment and marketing. She manages the day-to-day development, testing, implementation, and maintenance of the School and Department websites and provides training on new web applications for faculty and staff.