Earth Sciences Associate Professor Helps Public Television Program Explore Indiana Water Quality

Release Date: 
Jul 20 2010

A new WFYI Public Television production will unlock the mysteries of where our water comes from, and where it goes once it disappears down the drain. The program will bear witness to the challenges Hoosiers face — and overcome — in their efforts to bring clean water to their communities. Lenore Tedesco, School of Science associate professor of earth sciences and director of IUPUI's Center for Earth and Environmental Science, worked closely with other water-quality advocates and WFYI on Drop by Drop: Protecting Indiana’s Water Supply, which will mark its broadcast premiere Thursday, July 22 at 7:30 pm on WFYI 1 (20.1DT).

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Support for Drop by Drop: Protecting Indiana’s Water Supply is provided by Indiana Regional Sewer Districts Association, and by the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water.

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