Federal BRAIN Initiative Could Mean Big Business/Jobs for Neuroscience in Indiana

Release Date: 
Apr 10 2013

When President Barack Obama announced plans recently to invest $100 million in advancing the study of the brain, he likened the potential of this research to the Apollo space missions and the Human Genome Project. Indiana sits in a prime position to play a major role in helping this effort have the type of impact he envisions.

Neuroscience, the rapidly advancing field that addresses the structure and function of the nervous system, with particular focus on intersection between the brain and behavior, holds enormous medical and economic potential, especially in Indiana. A concerted, 10-year effort to fund and support this critical field of study could ultimately change the face of medicine and research, thereby labeling Indiana as a key player in the effort to advance the understanding of the brain and the treatment and prevention of neurological disorders, said Steve Boehm, Ph.D., director of the Undergraduate Neuroscience program at IUPUI.

Boehm recently visited the set of Inside Indiana Business to discuss Indiana's growing role in neuroscience and how the state and its doctors, researchers and students will benefit from the federal investment plan. Boehm was featured on a segment titled, "The Business of Medicine."

With an undergraduate baccalaureate program in neuroscience at the IUPUI campus in downtown Indianapolis, near a multitude of hospitals, research facilities and especially the new IU Health Neuroscience campus, students will be presented many opportunities for internships, research projects and ultimately jobs that keep them employed in Indiana and advancing the local and state economy, Boehm said.

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