IUPUI Honors Career of Dr. Bond with Mental Health Conference

Release Date: 
Sep 21 2009

Leading Professor, Researcher Instrumental in Improving Quality of Mental Health Services

Indianapolis, IN, Sept. 21, 2009 -To celebrate the retirement of Chancellor's Professor, Dr. Gary Bond, the Department of Psychology at the School of Science at IUPUI will host a two-day conference focused on fidelity, a critical tool in the measurement of the implementation of evidence based practices in mental health care.

Over the past decade, policymakers, healthcare providers and researchers alike have focused on drastically improving mental health services. Specifically, policy makers have challenged the field to close the gap between research and practice through systematic strategies to support evidence-based practices. A critical tool in measuring such strategies is the fidelity scale.

"Not only instrumental in the local mental health landscape, Dr. Bond is also a leading proponent in developing fidelity scales for the mental health services field,"

said Bart Ng, Dean of the School of Science at IUPUI. "To celebrate career achievements of an esteemed colleague and his contributions to the field, the conference will involve key stakeholders honoring Dr. Bond while further advancing discussions and research on fidelity for mental health services." During the conference, many leaders in the field will participate in a forum to discuss the issues that face a broad range of stakeholders including policy-makers, researchers, clinicians and patients. The conference, known as a Festschrift, will include panel discussions, presentations and poster sessions which focus on advancing awareness, research and policy in the delivery of high quality mental health services.

For the past 34 years, Dr. Bond has dedicated his career and research toward identifying evidence-based practices that focus on helping people with severe mental illness achieve full integration into the community. In addition to his research and development of fidelity scales, Dr. Bond has also made substantial contributions to research and practice in a number of content areas including examining the effectiveness of various psychiatric rehabilitation practices, including supported employment and assertive community treatment.

He has published over 160 peer-reviewed articles, 35 book chapters, and was recently cited as a top producer of scholarly publications in clinical psychology Ph.D. programs. His interest in policy issues interfering with the provision of effective mental health services is of note, especially during the closing of Central State Hosptial in Indianapolis. Dr. Bond will continue his research and contributing to mental health services at Dartmouth Medical School.

"Dr. Bond's role in mentoring and developing students at the university complimented by his research and service for the field has not only improved patient care, but has opened the door for many researchers in the field who have also made great strides in improving mental health service," said Ng.

The Festschrift will take place at the Campus Center on IUPUI campus September 24 and 25, 2009 and is open to the public. The conference will draw a wide range of participants and attendees including researchers, policymakers, administrators, clinicians, students, and family members of those with severe mental illness. For more information on registration, poster sessions or the agenda of the conference, go to http://www.psych.iupui.edu/users/kjohnson/ConWeb/BondConferenceWeb.htm