New Course Offering: GEOL-G132 Environmental Problems (& Solutions)

Release Date: 
Nov 25 2013

Is your Facebook page blowing up with dire posts about toxic chemicals in food? or contentious comments about genetically modified food? Have you watched the news on Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) and the Midwest tornadoes in November 2013 and wondered if any of the talk about how they relate to climate warming is true? Ever look around at all the stuff you own and wonder how we can sustain this amount of consumption (economically and environmentally)?

In the Department of Earth Science’s 100-level course on Environmental Problems and Solutions, we will cover many recent global and local environmental problems and meet with environmental professionals from IDEM, USGS, and local environmental consulting firms to get a clearer picture of what these issues are and how we, as a society, can move forward to solutions. If you’re interested in learning about these and want to meet professionals in the field who can answer your questions, this class is for you! This class is especially geared toward students who would like to explore a career in Environmental Science from a scientific, law, or social justice point-of-view.

Please join us on Friday afternoons from 12:00 – 2:40 PM in the Spring 2014 term, Geol-G132 32949. The class time block is to allow for guest speakers and field trips to the Southside Landfill and the Indianapolis White River Drinking Water Plant. If you have questions, please contact D. Lani Pascual,