New IUPUI Degree Offers Career Flexibility for Computer Science Students

Release Date: 
Oct 9 2012

(Indianapolis) The Department of Computer and Information Science at IUPUI has launched a new bachelor’s of arts degree program geared toward students who want a strong computing degree and the flexibility to take that core knowledge to any industry growing through technology.

“Computer science today is about much more than just hardline coding or software design,” said Shiaofen Fang, professor and chair of the department in the School of Science.

“While there is a great need for those careers in the tech industry, many other industries need skilled people with diverse backgrounds to understand specific ways to apply this technology,” Fang added. “Graduates of this degree will be extremely valuable problem solvers for their chosen industry.”

computer scienceThe CIS department will discuss all of its degree options at an open house planned for 9 a.m. on Oct. 12. Register here.

The B.A. degree in applied computer science requires courses in software development, data analysis and web development. The wide array of electives available with the degree will allow graduates to effectively leverage technology in any fields they are passionate about pursuing as a career.

The 120 credit-hour degree includes more courses in the humanities and liberal arts but fewer mathematics courses than a B.S. degree. The B.A. in applied computer science, for example, requires a foreign language but does not require calculus or physics courses 

“The broad applications of this B.A. degree allow students to not be locked on to one specific tool. Because they will have a good knowledge of the theories of computer science, they are prepared to implement the best processes using a variety of computing tools,” Fang added.

The B.A. degree also will prepare students for jobs that are in high demand but lacking the necessary pool of skilled graduates to fill them. Some of these high-need positions include database developers, system and network administrators and multi-media developers.

The computer and informational sciences industry is predicted to have the highest job growth of all the sciences. These jobs pay above average for baccalaureate graduates and the degree prepares students well for continuing on to graduate or professional schools.

As part of the program launch, the School of Science has negotiated an articulation agreement with Ivy Tech Community College, which recently began an associate’s degree program in computer science. The agreement calls for a seamless transfer of two-years of credit for Ivy Tech graduates in computer science and allows students to remain on track to graduate from IUPUI with a bachelor’s degree after four years.

The department also offers minors in theoretical and applied computer science as well as a certificate in applied computer science, a 19-hour program designed to provide a broad introduction to computer science and the tools for students to create technology solutions to apply in their field of interest.

Specific information and course requirements on the B.A. in Applied Computer Science program can be found here.

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