Nine Science Students Among Top 20 Students at IUPUI

Release Date: 
Apr 17 2012

The IUPUI Alumni Council and the Student Organization for Alumni Relations recognized 34 School of Science students on April 13 at the annual Top 100 dinner.

Nine of those students were named among the Top 10 male and female students across the entire IUPUI campus. Those students are indicated in bold below.

The IUPUI Alumni Council and the Student Organizations for Alumni Relations (SOAR) sponsor the "Top 100" Student Recognition Awards. There were over 1000 nominations this year.  A panel of alumni, faculty and staff select the top students based on nominations by faculty and staff. The students who were selected were very strong in all three major scoring categories: scholastic achievement, collegiate and co-curricular activities, and  civic/community service. 

School of Science students honored as the 2012 IUPUI Top 100 are:

  • Fatoumata Bah (Republic of Guinea) │ Senior, Chemistry
  • Jenna Baughman (LaPorte) │ Senior, Biology and Religious Studies
  • Theresa Benz (Beaverton, Michigan) │ Senior, Forensic & Investigative Sciences and Civic Leadership
  • Kylie R. Bontrager (Elkart) │ Senior, Biology
  • Jacob Brandon (Fishers) │ Senior, Biology
  • Tony Brown (Wabash) │ Senior, Biology
  • Megan S. Carrison (Goshen) │ Senior, Forensic & Investigative Sciences
  • Ninah Clegg (Indianapolis) │ Junior, Biology
  • Kathryn E. DelaCruz (Indianapolis) │ Senior, Biology
  • Kiran Gill (Richmond) │ Junior, Chemistry and Spanish
  • Jessica A. Hashu (Highland) │ Senior, Biology
  • Megan Ishikawa (Indianapolis) │ Senior, Chemistry and German
  • Jessica Jackson (Pekin) │ Senior, Biology
  • George Kane (South Bend)│ Junior, Biology and Individualized Major
  • Eric J. Keller (Fort Wayne) │ Senior, Biology and Chemistry
  • Tomas Meijome (Greenwood) │ Junior,  Physics
  • Osato Ogbeifun (Edo, Nigeria) │ Senior, Biology
  • Nehal Parikh (Fort Wayne) │ Junior, Biology
  • Daniel Popoola (Ibadan) │ Senior, Biology
  • Dheevena Reddy (Fort Wayne)│ Senior, Biology and Psychology
  • Morgan Rhodes (Toledo, Ohio) │ Junior, Psychology
  • Benjamin Roberts (Indianapolis) │ Senior, Mathematics and Economics
  • Jessica Rodenbeck (Kendallville) │ Senior, Biology
  • Jennifer Romine (Indianapolis) │ Junior, Biology
  • Pich Seekaew (Thailand) │ Senior, Biology
  • Kristyn Seibert (St. Wendel) │ Junior, Biology
  • Jeremy Sherer (Richmond) │ Junior, Chemistry and Spanish
  • John Smith (Carmel) │ Junior, Mechanical Engineering and Math
  • Kimberly Smith (Evansville) │ Junior, Chemistry
  • Cleandrea Spencer (Kokomo) │ Junior, Biology
  • Alexander Stufflebeam (Indianapolis) │ Senior, Mathematics and Economics
  • Sarmed Toma (Iraq) │ Senior, Biology
  • Evan Torline (Vernon) │ Junior, Biology
  • Ashley Winfield (East Chicago) │ Senior, Biology