Park Tudor Senior Takes First-Place/Scholarship at IUPUI High School Math Competition

Release Date: 
May 21 2012

Rebecca Chen

A senior from Park Tudor High School earned a four-year scholarship to the School of Science with a first-place finish in this year’s annual IUPUI High School Math Competition.

Rebecca Chen earned the first-place prize, which consisted of a $500 cash award and a full, four-year tuition scholarship to the School of Science at IUPUI. She represented Park Tudor High School and was sponsored by her teacher, Sarah Webster.

Each student had six weeks to work through a series of math problems to study patterns, analyze relationships, and draft and refine their solutions before submitting their work.

Student submissions were evaluated on the student’s method of finding the solution, correctness, and elegance of the solution. Chen was among approximately 30 high school students from central Indiana chosen to attend the award’s ceremony. 

Five second-place finishers received $200 and 12 third-place finishers received $100. In addition, the second-place and third-place finishers received a $2,000 scholarship to attend the School of Science at IUPUI. 

Second-place and third-place finishers included:

Second Place

  • Yushi Homma, sophomore, Carmel High School
  • Lyndon Ji, senior, Carmel High School
  • Catherine Mytelka, junior, Park Tudor High School
  • Melinda Song, junior, Carmel High School
  • Marc WuDunn, freshman, International School of Indiana

Third Place

  • Gabriela Borges, senior, Avon High School
  • Brian Ertl, senior, Hamilton Southeastern High School
  • Simon Jones, sophomore, Hamilton Southeastern High School
  • Usama Kamran, junior, Fishers High School
  • Akshay Kumar, junior, Carmel High School
  • Colin Mothersead, junior, Avon High School
  • Samual Patterson, junior, Carmel High School
  • Natasha Rollings, senior, Avon High School
  • Clayton Thomas, sophomore, Fishers High School
  • Chase Thompson, junior, Hamilton Southeastern High School
  • Phillip Witcher, junior, Hamilton Southeastern High School
  • Weston Wright, senior, Avon High School