Record Number of Science Students Named to Top 100 for 2013

Release Date: 
Mar 6 2013

School of Science students represent more than one-third of the Top 100 Student Recognition Awards on the IUPUI campus for 2013, according to selections recently released by the IUPUI Alumni Council and the Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR).

This year, 39 science students were named to the list, marking the highest total ever achieved in the annual student achievement rankings. Last year, 34 students were named to the list, and nine of those were named among the Top 20 students on campus. In addition, seven of the 39 recipients this year reside in the Women in Science house learning community. 

“This achievement celebrates the high-quality students that we are proud to have in the School of Science,” said Dean Simon Rhodes. “They come here because they know they can not only have an outstanding classroom experience but they also can do real research and other activities that optimally prepare them for their careers.

“Placement in the Top 100 further reflects their commitment to our community as well as to their academic success,” Rhodes added.

All of the Top 100 honorees will be recognized at the annual reception dinner planned for April 12. The Top 10 males , Top 10 females and Top Male and Female students will be named at that time as well.

The Alumni Council and SOAR sponsor the annual awards. More than 1,000 nominations are received each year. A panel of alumni, faculty and staff select the top students based on nominations by faculty and staff. The students who were selected were strong in three major scoring areas: scholastic achievement, collegiate and co-curricular activities and civic/community service.

The following School of Science students were named to the 2013 Top 100 list:

  • Andrew Alexander, junior, psychology
  • Sameerah Alkhairy, senior, biology
  • Damilola Awonusi, senior, biology *
  • Theresa Benz, senior, forensic science
  • Kelly Biro, junior, biology *
  • Anna Brenneman, senior, biology *
  • Robert Brunner, senior, computer science
  • Ninah Clegg, senior, biology
  • Sarah Flores, senior, biology *
  • Kiran Gill, senior, chemistry
  • Rachel Giordano, senior, biology *
  • Whitney Gray, senior, biology
  • Hayley Grzych, senior, chemistry
  • Andrew Headrick, senior, biology
  • Eric Herod, senior, psychology
  • Benjamin Judge, senior, biology
  • Brandon Kellinghaus, junior, biology
  • Lindsey Lazo, senior, biology**
  • Ahmed Malik, senior, chemistry
  • Gabriel Martinez, junior, biology
  • Jonathon McCann, senior, biology
  • Callie Meece, senior, chemistry
  • Tomas Meijome, senior, biology**
  • Anh Nguyen, senior, biology
  • Nehal Parikh, senior, biology
  • Emily Potts, senior, biology
  • Morgan Rhodes, senior, psychology
  • Jennifer Romine, senior, biology
  • Kristyn Seibert, senior, biology**
  • Neelam Shah, senior, biology *
  • Marina Sharif, senior, chemistry *
  • Jeremy Sherer, senior, chemistry**
  • Kaylee Shirrell, senior, psychology
  • John Smith, senior, mathematics
  • Cleandrea Spencer, senior, biology
  • Evan Torline, senior, biology
  • Katie Uppfalt, senior, physics
  • Lauren Wyatt, senior, biology
  • Yuese Zheng, senior

* indicates a resident of Women in Science house.

** indicates a member of the Science Ambassador Leadership Team.