School of Science Announces Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Outreach

Release Date: 
Jan 21 2010

The School of Science at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis announced Dr. Jeffrey Watt will be the new Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Outreach. Dr. Watt is currently the Associate Chair for the Department of Mathematical Sciences for the university and has played an instrumental role in community and K-12 student outreach for math education.

 Jeff Watt

 Dr. Jeffrey Watt, newly appointed Associate Dean of Student Affairs and longtime Associate Chair for the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Dr. Watt has dedicated service and resources to improving math education throughout the State of Indiana as well as at the university. He has developed numerous text books and in-service professional development programs for both student and in service teacher training. Dr. Watt has been instrumental in the formation of University College at IUPUI, the creation of the IUPUI High School Mathematics Contest, and the development of the Masters of Science Teaching Option degree at IUPUI. All programs have transformed math education for students and teachers alike.

As part of his ongoing committment to improving math education, Dr. Watt is the recipient of 14 National
Science Foundation, Lilly Endowment and various grants totaling more than $10 million dollars that bring hands on learning and research into the classroom.

“Dr. Watt’s effort to improve math competency and understanding among students and teachers has not only made an impact on the university, but the community at large,” said Dr. Bart Ng, Dean of the IUPUI School of Science. “He continues to play an integral role in securing grant awards and developing programs that not only improve math education, but the entire education system.”

For his extensive experience in leading outreach and math education reform in grades K-12, Watt has earned numerous teaching awards and recognitions including the IUPUI Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, the School of Science Teaching Award, and the IU Frederic Lieber Memorial Award for Distinguished Teaching, the highest teacher recognition awarded IU. He is also a member of the Indiana University Faculty Colloquium for Excellence in Teaching (FACET). Other recognition and awards include:
•Purdue University Board of Master Educators
•IUPUI Intercollegiate Athletics Department’s Recognition for Excellence in Teaching
•The Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association America’s Distinguished University Teaching Award (2009)
•University College Founding Faculty
•Indiana Regional Mathematics Consortium Outstanding Service Award

“My goal is to help improve the state of mathematics education in Indiana. Specifically, finding ways for students to develop stronger skills and better understanding in mathematics,” said Watt. “Mathematics plays a critical role in our education system and is not only important for studies in science and medicine, but is a great method to develop students into independent problem solvers, a trait that is important in any field.” “It is also important for our state’s economy to have a well educated workforce.”

After receiving a B.S. in applied geophysics and engineering from Michigan Technological University and an M.S. in applied mathematics and fluid dynamics from Purdue University, Dr. Watt completed field studies in geology at Emory University and completed his PhD. at Indiana University Bloomington. He resides in Indianapolis.

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