Kathryn Wilson

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research, Biology

As Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research I am responsible for developing and administering independent student research across campus.  Current research within the IUPUI Center for Research and Learning is funded through a grant from the National Science Foundation. The project seeks to improve our understanding of student learning through undergraduate research and to increase our knowledge about how faculty mentors affect student learning through their mentoring of undergraduate research. By linking these two goals, we will significantly advance understanding of how students can best learn and should be taught through undergraduate research. Research explores student-faculty interactions and relationships as well as the critical elements of the overall research environment in which the student is being mentored. Results will contribute to a better understanding of the value of independent undergraduate research experiences to students' learning and retention through graduation.  My academic expertise is in Plant Cell Developmental Biology. My previous research in this area focused on developmental aspects of embryogenesis in plant tissue culture systems.