Undergraduate Research

All Forensic and Investigative Sciences students must complete a Senior Capstone internship at an approved crime laboratory or other organization or laboratory research supervised by an FIS faculty member.

The FIS program participates in a number of summer research programs including McNair, and SROP (student research opportunities program). These permit college students to do research projects with faculty and get a stipend. There are also summer opportunities for honors students. Sometimes faculty in the program have grants that employ students to do research. Often these are undergraduate students who are paid for their work. This is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to get research experience. These positions are open to students in all classes, from freshman to senior.

Faculty sometimes have unfunded research projects that are ongoing. These are sometimes used to gather data for a grant application or for a book. Undergraduate students often fill these positions.

It may not be possible for every student who graduates from our forensic science program at IUPUI to get involved in research, but we try and involve as many students as possible. 

Step 1: Learn about the research going on in the department and beyond and identify two or three areas that interest you.

  • Visit faculty research pages to learn about their fields of interest.
  • Talk to your advisor.
  • Talk to other students and your TA’s about their research.
  • Look at the posters in the hallways of the department.

Step 2: Contact two or three faculty members and ask for an appointment to discuss their research and the possibility of an undergrad position on their team. If you don’t hear back within a few weeks, send another email or drop by their office.