Drew Appleby

Professor Emeritus, Psychology

Dr. Drew C. Appleby received his BA from Simpson College in 1969 and his PhD from Iowa State University in 1972. He investigated teaching, learning, advising, and mentoring processes and used the results of his research to create strategies designed to enable college students to adapt to their educational environment, acquire academic competence, identity and set goals, and achieve their career aspirations. He served as the Chair of the Marian College Psychology Department, the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the IUPUI Psychology Department, and the Associate Dean of the IUPUI Honors College. He created the Society for the Teaching of Psychology’s (STP) Project Syllabus, transformed STP’s Mentoring Service into an online clearinghouse, and founded and served as the director of the Indiana High School Psychology Teachers Conference for 12 years. He authored over 100 professional publications and made over 600 presentations (including 20 invited keynote addresses) to a wide variety of professional and nonprofessional audiences during his 40-year career. He was named a Fellow of APA Division One (General Psychology), APA Division Two (The Society for the Teaching of Psychology [STP]), and the Midwestern Psychological Association. In recognition of his teaching skills, he received STP’s Outstanding Psychology Teacher Award in a 4-Year College or University, the Marian College Teaching Excellence award, IUPUI’s Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, the IUPUI School of Science Teacher of the Year Award, Indiana University Trustees’ Teaching Award (twice), and was chosen to present APA’s G. Stanley Hall Teaching Lecture. His work with IUPUI’s varsity athletes led him to be named “My Favorite Professor” by 61 student-athletes. He was recognized for his academic advising skills by IUPUI’s School of Science when he received its Advisor of the Year Award, by the IUPUI Psychology Department when he received its Advisor of the Year Award three times, and by the National Academic Advising Association when he received the Outstanding Adviser Award of its Great Lakes Region and was invited to contribute the chapter titled “Advising as Teaching and Learning” to the second edition of NACADA’s Academic Advising: A Comprehensive Handbook. He was recognized for his mentoring skills by receiving the Marian College Mentor of the Year Award, IUPUI’s Alvin Bynum Mentor of the Year Award, being named the IUPUI Psychology Department’s Mentor of the Year three times, and by being designated as a mentor by 777 graduating IUPUI psychology majors since 2000, 222 of whom indicated that he was their most influential mentor by selecting the following sentence to describe his impact: “This professor influenced the whole course of my life and his effect on me has been invaluable.” On a global level, he was recently selected as the 30th Distinguished Member of Psi Chi (the International Honor Society in Psychology) for his “significant contributions to the science of psychology.” Dr. Appleby retired from IUPUI with the rank of Professor Emeritus in 2011. He now resides in Atlanta, where he and his wife Peg live 1.4 miles from their granddaughter.

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