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Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson was hired as a Lecturer with the Department of Earth Sciences at IUPUI in January 2008. Prior to that appointment, she taught several intro-level laboratory courses as a graduate student, and as part-time instructor.


  • M.S., Geology, IUPUI, 2006, Thesis Title: "Cyclic deposition of carbonate and organic matter in Holocene Lacustrine sediment, Lower Michigan, USA"
  • Graduate Certificate, Geographic Information Systems, IUPUI, 2006
  • B.S., Geology, Geography minor, IUPUI, 2003

Courses Taught / Teaching

  • G110 Physical Geology (online)
  • G205 Reporting Skills in Geoscience   
  • G115 Oceanography (online)        
  • G135 Indiana Geology (online)
  • G136 Indiana Geology Field Experience (online)     


While working in the Department of Earth Sciences, Jennifer has collaborated on several important course development projects, including the reorganization of the intro level environmental geology laboratory course and the development of an online field experience course in Indiana Geology.  Jennifer's research interests include paleoclimatology (study of past climate), paleolimnology (study of history of lakes) and oceanography. Jennifer's thesis work focused on determining environmental changes over the past 10,000 years using lake core sediments from south-central Michigan to determine how climate has changed in the past both on a local and global scale.

Publications & Professional Activities

Nelson, Jennifer; Licht, Kathy; Yansa, Catherine; Filippelli, Gabriel, 2009, Climate-related cyclic deposition of carbonate and organic matter in Holocene lacustrine sediment, Lower Michigan, USA, Journal of Paleolimology, Volume 44, Issue 1 (2010), pp. 1-13.

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Yansa, C., Rawling III, J.E., Nelson, J.A. Licht, K.J. and Young, A., 2006, Climate Changes in Southern Lower Michigan Over the Last 2000 Years: Differentiating Between "Lake Effect" and Regional Climate Patterns. American Quaternary Association (AMQUA) 2006 Biennial Meeting, Bozeman, Montana.

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Swope, R.J., Licht, K.J., and Sembach, J., 2002. Reconstructing Indiana's Glacial History in Collaboration with Local Middle School Students. GSA Abstracts with Programs Vol. 34, No. 6, p. 522.

Honors, Awards and Grants

  • IUPUI Trustees Teaching Award, 2012
  • IUPUI-iPad Faculty Learning Community, 2010, UITS and IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Indiana University Faculty Podcasting Initiative, 2008, IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Jump Start Online Course Development Grant, 2007, IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning