Research Overview

Our research program crosses the spectrum of the earth sciences and crosses the globe. We not only study problems in central Indiana, but other areas of the U.S., the ocean, and other continents. Active research groups reflect not only the interests of our faculty, but also the interests of our graduate students and the needs for research and training on local to global scales.

Some research is completed by individual faculty members, while other research is carried out collaboratively among several faculty members and with the help of graduate and undergraduate students. Common collaborations used to carry out our research program include the Department of Geography, School of Dentistry, Center for Earth and Environmental Science, and Center for Environmental Health.

Research Areas

Facilities & Equipment

The department has established the Center for Earth & Environmental Science and the Center for Urban Health and maintains state-of-the-art research instrumentation and instruction facilities.

Consulting Services

The School of Science offers consultative services and research support to campus faculty and students well as government, community and industry partners.

Undergraduate Research

As early as their freshman year, our undergraduates are able to participate in research with renowned faculty. No other program provides the cross-disciplinary research and learning environment that IUPUI offers our students.