Local Company Pledges Support for RISE Scholarship for IUPUI Science Students

BioStorage Technologies | Supporter of Science RISE Scholarship

Science students will have the opportunity to meet some or all of the IUPUI RISE to the Challenge Initiatives because of a scholarship supported by local company, BioStorage Technologies.

Indianapolis has been the U.S. headquarters for BioStorage for the past decade. The company has grown alongside the community, and this scholarship support reflects the company’s commitment to supporting homegrown talent to fill the demand their business will require, a spokesperson said.

Greg Swanberg“BioStorage is committed to contributing time and resources to supporting workforce education and growth within our community,” said CEO Greg Swanberg.

IUPUI emphasizes the benefits for students who pursue RISE Initiatives, which include Research, International, Service Learning and Experiential Learning. The university encourages students to complete at least two of the four initiatives before graduating. 

BioStorage is a comprehensive biological sample management solution. The company stores, processes and provides biological samples for research purposes in the agricultural, pharmacological and animal research areas. They also have facilities in Germany, Singapore, and China.

“Most of our employees have some sort of science background, even those in the business office,” said Lisa Gilbert, global director of marketing for BioStorage. “We’re hopeful we can support a person pursuing a science degree and who one day could be a potential employee for us.”

“We are very grateful for the leadership shown by BioStorage in supporting outstanding experiences for Science students at IUPUI” said Dr. Simon Rhodes, Dean of Science.