Women in Science House (WISH)

Women in Science House Residents 2012WISH is an on-campus residential living and learning community for female science students of various class years and majors. Residents of WISH live in an environment that fosters academic development through the exploration of the field of science and provides a nurturing atmosphere for personal growth. WISH will:

  • Provide academic activities that enhance educational success
  • Provide research learning experiences
  • Facilitate mentoring and networking
  • Encourage involvement in service learning and community-based activities
  • Provide financial assistance through $1000 scholarships

Learn more about some of the Women in Science House Residents.


The WIS House includes 15 rooms for up to 30 women in the Campus Apartments on the Riverwalk. Each room includes two private bedrooms and two private bathrooms. View the Two Bedroom Panoramic Tour and Floor Plan

Rent + Fees

Visit the IUPUI Housing site for current rent and fees.

WIS Scholarship

WIS House residents will receive a minimum of a $1,000 scholarship package. Most students will be eligible for additional financial assistance through work-study stipends and internships.

Housing + Scholarship Applications

  1. Complete and submit the IUPUI Housing application.* Be sure to select "Women In Science House" on application, listed within the "Residential Based Learning Communities" section.
  2. Complete the scholarship application** and submit to the School of Science Dean's Office by April 15.*** Submit the scholarship application to
    • dsimshar@iupui.edu


    • Diana S. Sims-Harris
      Director of Student Affairs
      IUPUI-School of Science
      402 North Blackford Street, LD 222
      Indianapolis, IN 46202

*A non-refundable $50 fee is due at the time of application and all apartment contracts
require a $400 pre-payment at the time the contract is signed.

** Decisions on who will live in the house and be awarded a scholarship will be based on information provided in the scholarship application, such as answers to essay questions and extracurricular activities (clubs, organizations, etc.). High School and/or college academic performance (GPA, ACT/SAT, class rank, etc.) will also be reviewed.

***Rolling decisions will begin March 1st and all residential decisions will be made no later than May 30th. Those students selected to live in WISH will be mailed housing contracts.

Questions about housing contracts? Contact the IUPUI Housing Office at (317) 274-7200 or reslife@iupui.edu.

Questions about the Women in Science House or Scholarship? Contact Diana Sims-Harris at 317-274-0637 or dsimshar@iupui.edu.