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Student in LabThe job market provides a good balance between the number of earth science graduates and the number of job openings in earth science, and many graduates have the exciting possibility of continuing on in graduate school to earn a Masters degree or Ph.D. Across the U.S. most earth science graduates who perform well as undergraduates can attend any one of hundreds of graduate programs across the US that typically offer tuition waivers and a stipend of $12-$18K.

The common perception of a geologist is someone who hunts for oil or gold. While petroleum and mining geologists are the highest paid and most recognized field within geology, they are outweighed by the many geologists and environmental scientists employed in business, industry, and education across the U.S. Mean salaries are $45,000 to $60,000 depending on the employer, the type of specialization, and whether you have a Masters degree--an environmental consultant may pay a starting salary of $35,000 while a petroleum exploration company may pay starting at $60,000. Many earth scientists work in county, state, and federal government to conduct research in earth sciences or to implement and manage environmental regulations and public policy.

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