IUPUI Earth Sciences/CEES Department Vehicle Usage & Reservation Guidelines

Before you operate any university vehicle you must:

  1. Be authorized to operate any university vehicle
    Review the guidelines regarding vehicle usage and submit form on-line here.

    must contact ES Office Staff to request vehicle reservation at 4-7484 or 4-7206.  Once approved, reservation will be added to on-line calendar.

    Department Faculty/Staff
    may view/make on-line reservations by accessing your OneStart account, click on Department Vehicle Reserve, and then Calendar.

  2. Obtain the vehicle log book from office staff.  Log Book contains mileage log, keys and gas cards.  Be sure to record :
  • Start Date
  • Start Mileage
  • End Date
  • End Mileage
  • User/Purpose

Upon return:

  1. Fill gas tank if below ¾ full
  2. Remove all trash, equipment, etc.
  3. Please return vehicle to front row of Blackford Street lot #83, 1st “A” spot closest to the SL building, and facing W. Michigan Street
  4. Please return log book to ES office staff after use, along with any gas receipts
  5. Report any mechanical issues to ES office staff immediately

PLEASE NOTE:  The Earth Sciences Department vehicle is to be used for university business only.  This includes class fieldtrips, research fieldwork, and transportation of equipment used by the department.  Any other uses must be approved by the department prior to use.

***Please check the vehicle mileage when you return from a trip and compare to the oil sticker on the windshield.  If car is within 500 miles of needing an oil change, contact Renata Lafler: rlafler@iupui.edu