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Welcome Stef to the lab and congratulates for her fellowship.


Welcome Xuefei to the PhD program and congratulates for her fellowship.


Lixin has a new publication in Ecohydrology.


Welcome Farai to the lab.


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Lixin has a new publication in Geomorphology.


Lixin has a new publication in Landscape Ecology.

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Research Interests

Water cycles and biogeochemical cycles are connected at multiple temporal and spatial scales, and are connected from both economic and scientific point of view. Anthropogenic activities constantly create or destroy connectivity between water and biogeochemical cycles and raise the needs to better understand such connectivity. The general research interests in my group are studying spatial and temporal patterns of water and nitrogen availability, how vegetation adapts to and affects such patterns, and how future climate/land use changes influence the vegetation-resource interactions in various environments especially the semi-arid and arid landscapes.

Position Available

I seek highly motivated undergraduate, master, PhD students and post-docs to work with me on various interesting topics in biogeochemistry and ecohydrology. Background in hydrology, ecology, isotope geochemistry, soil science, environmental sciences and related fields are preferred. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or have questions about the opportunity. Please check Research page and Publication page for current and potential projects in the lab.

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