Welcome to the Gilhooly Lab.  We use the stable isotopes of carbon (δ13C),  nitrogen (δ15N), sulfur (δ33S and δ34S), and oxygen (δ18O) of modern and ancient sediments, in combination with various redox and provenance proxies to interpret biological signatures recorded in the sedimentary record. 

PhD position in stable isotope geochemistry available 
We are currently seeking a candidate for a PhD research assistantship that will begin in the fall of 2015. The graduate research will be part of an NSF-funded project to study isotope geochemistry associated with biological sulfur cycling in anoxic lakes. The study sites include Mahoney Lake, British Columbia and Green Lake, New York. Candidates with field experience and backgrounds in chemistry, geology, and stable isotopes are encourgaged to apply. Those interested in the position should email a CV and personal statement to Bill Gilhooly. Complete applications are due to the graduate school by January 15th.

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