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Bill Gilhooly

Assistant Professor

My primary research interests center on the chemical and microbial reactions that occur during early diagenesis with a view toward understanding the evolution of ocean chemistry and early life. Outside of the lab, I enjoy spending time with my family camping, hiking, visiting museums, and enjoying the seasons here in Indy.   
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James Harris

Graduate Student, MS

My research is primarily focused on anoxygenic photoautotrophs and their role in the sulfur cycle in meromictic lakes of the Pacific Northwest.  The aim of my work is to contribute to a deeper understanding of ancient anoxic environments by means of studying their modern analogs.

Chelsea Conduitt

Undergrad, Geology

Chelsea is studying the carbon and oxygen isotope composition of freshwater mussels and was a member of the MURI team, the Rivers of the Anthropocene. 

Clint Broach, MS 2014

Clint's masters thesis focused on the geochemical analysis of marine to non-marine transitional lithofacies associated with cyclothemic sections of four Upper Pennsylvanian cores. 

Clint is now an Operations Geologist with Chevron - Midcontinent. 

Jake Walker, Undergraduate 2014 

Jake majored in Chemistry and a minored in Geology.  Jake studied pyrite formation in lake sediments as part of his undergraduate research project (Capstone).  Jake quickly became a master of the microbalance, driving a powerboat, and running the mass spec. 

Jake is currently a graduate student in Dr. Fred Longstaffe’s Laboratory for Stable Isotope Science at the University of Western Ontario. 

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