Curriculum vitae                                                                      William P. Gilhooly III                                                                        [back]                                                      


Ph.D.   University of Virginia, Environmental Sciences. May 2006
Sulfur Isotope Geochemistry of Cold Seep Sites: Northern Gulf of Mexico and Blake Ridge Diapir

M.Sc.   University of Virginia, Environmental Sciences. August 1996
Bulk Stable Isotopic Determination of Fractionation Effects During Combustion and Evaluation of a Charcoal Isolation Procedure

B.A.     University of Virginia, Environmental Sciences. May 1993

Professional Experience

2011-pres.      Assistant Professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis
6/11-8/2011    Research Scientist, Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis
2010-2011      Lecturer, Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis
2006-2010      Agouron Institute Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of California, Riverside
5/05-7/2005    Shipboard Geochemist, IODP Expedition 308, Gulf of Mexico Hydrogeology, JOI, Washington DC
2001-2006      Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant, UVa
1/95-2001       Stable Isotope Laboratory Manager, Southeast Environmental Research Center, FIU, Miami, FL


Stephen A. Macko (Ph.D./M.S., UVa), Timothy W. Lyons (Postdoctoral, UCR)

Research and Teaching Interests    

I use a combination of multi-element redox proxies and isotopic techniques to understand modern biogeochemical processes as a key to deciphering biological signatures recorded in the sedimentary record.  My goal is to pair my scientific interests with teaching students by introducing them to active research in an academic environment.

Academic Service and Honors

Invited Speaker

Northwestern University, February 2014
Goldschmidt, Florence Italy, 
August 2013
University of Cincinnati, November 2012
Virginia Tech, October 2012
University of Pittsburgh, February 2012
Center for Earth and Environmental Sciences, IUPUI, October 2011
University of Missouri, April 2011
University of South Florida, College of Marine Sciences, March 2011
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, February 2011
Washington University, St. Louis, April 2010
Joint Meeting of the Geological Society of America, Houston, 2008
University of California, Riverside, January 2008
University of California, Berkeley, May 2007
Graduate Student Lecture Series, Charlottesville High School, Virginia, 2005
Undergraduate Seminar Series, UVa, 2005

Participant or Panelist

Multidisciplinary Transect Drilling During Transits Workshop IODP, November, 2013
Steering Committee, 2013 Marine Geosciences Leadership Symposium, February 2013
Isoscapes 2011, Purdue University, September 2011
IODP, Scientific Technology Panel, October 2010 – September 2013
Anaerobic Phototrophic Ecosystems (APE) field workshop (Invited), Syracuse, 2010
Marine Geoscience Leadership Symposium (Invited), Consortium for Ocean Leadership, March 2009
IODP Expedition 308, 1st Post Cruise Meeting (Invited), TAMU, 2005
On the Cutting Edge, Preparing for an Academic Career in Geosciences (Invited), PSU, July 2005
Stable Isotope Ecology Lecture and Laboratory Short Course, Univ. of Utah, 1995


246th Annual ACS Meeting (Co-Chair), Indianapolis, 2013
Second Annual Midwest Geobiology Symposium (Co-Chair), Indianapolis, 2013
Ocean Leadership Distinguished Lecturer Rebecca Robinson (Host), IUPUI, 2012
22nd Annual Goldschmidt Meeting (Session Chair), Montreal, 2012
Ocean Sciences Meeting (Session Chair), Portland, 2010
Ocean Leadership Distinguished Lecturer Ken MacLeod (Host), UCR, 2010
19th Annual Goldschmidt Meeting (Session Co-Chair), Davos, 2009
20th Annual Student Research Symposium (Conference Chair), “EnviroDays,” UVa, 2005


Indiana University Trustees Teaching Award, 2014
Agouron Institute Postdoctoral Geobiology Fellow, 2007-2009
Dissertation Year Fellowship; Pegau Geosciences Award for Outstanding Graduate Student in Geosciences; Moore Research Award; Exploratory Research Award, UVa, 2002-2005


Nature Geosciences, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Deep-Sea Research II, Limnology and Oceanography Methods, Marine Geology, European Journal of Mineralogy, Geological Society of America Bulletin, Geochemical Transactions, Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology and Palaeoecology, and Applied Geochemistry

Professional Affiliations  

American Geophysical Union, American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, Geochemical Society, Geological Society of America

Previous Research Support

“Distinguishing Between Marine and Nonmarine Deposition on Early Earth: New Perspectives on Precambrian Source Rocks Gained from Modern Lakes.” ACS PRF# 48736-ND 2, $100,000, 1/1/2009 – 8/31/2011, Lyons and Gilhooly (co-PI’s)

“Contrasting C-S-Fe-Mo biogeochemical cycles in modern lacustrine settings to assess depositional settings of Precambrian shales.” Agouron Institute, Postdoctoral Geobiology Fellowship, $108,000, 7/1/2007 – 6/30/2009, Gilhooly

“Geochemical Characterization of fluid flow in overpressure systems.” Joint Oceanographic Institutions Grant, $24,019, 7/7/2005 – 5/8/2008, Macko and Gilhooly

Joint Oceanographic Institutions Undergraduate Supplement Award, $4880, 12/15/05 – 5/15/2008, Macko and Gilhooly


Gilhooly, W. P., III, C. Reinhard, and T. W. Lyons, A comprehensive sulfur and oxygen isotope study of sulfur cycling in a shallow, hyper-euxinic meromictic lake.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. (in revision, 2014).

Gilhooly, W. P., III, D. A. Fike, G. K. Druschel, F. A. Kafantaris, R. E. Price, and J. P. Amend, Sulfur and oxygen isotope insights into sulfur cycling in shallow-sea hydrothermal vents, Milos, Greece. Geochemical Transactions 15:12, doi:10.1186/s12932-014-0012-y, 2014. (pdf)

Hamilton, T. L., R. J. Bovee, V. Thiel, S. R. Sattin, W. Mohr, I. Schaperdoth, K. Vogl, W. P. Gilhooly III, T. W. Lyons, L. P. Tomsho, S. C. Schuster, J. Overmann, D. A. Bryant, A. Pearson, and J. L. Macalady, Coupled reductive and oxidative sulfur cycling in the phototrophic plate of a meromictic lake. Geobiology. DOI: 10.1111/gbi.12092, 12: 451–468, 2014.

Klepac-Ceraj, V., C. A. Hayes, R. Kotler, W. P. Gilhooly, T. W. Lyons, A. Pearson, Microbial diversity under extreme euxinia: Mahoney Lake, Canada.  Geobiology. DOI: 10.1111/j.1472-4669.2012.00317.x, 2012. (pdf)

Li, X., G. A. Cutter, R. C. Thunell, E. Tappa, W. P. Gilhooly III, T. W. Lyons, Y. Astor, M. I. Scranton, Particulate sulfur species in the water column of the Cariaco Basin. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.  75: 148-163, 2011.

Li, X. N., W. Gilhooly III, A. Zerkle, T. Lyons, J. Farquhar, J. Werne, R. Varela, and M. Scranton, Stable sulfur isotopes in the water column of the Cariaco Basin.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 74: 6764-6778, 2010.

Gay, A., Y. Takano, W.P. Gilhooly III, C. Berndt, K. Heeschen, N. Suzuki, S. Saegusa, F. Nakagawa, U. Tsunogai, S.Y. Jiang, and M. Lopez, Geophysical and geochemical evidence of large scale fluid flow within shallow sediments in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, offshore Louisiana. Geofluids, no. doi: 10.1111/j.1468-8123.2010.00304.x, 2010.

Gilhooly, W. P. III, S. A. Macko, P. B. Flemings.  Data report: Isotope Compositions of Sedimentary Organic Carbon and Total Nitrogen from Brazos-Trinity Basin #4 (Sites U1319 and U1320) and Ursa Basin (Sites U1322 and U1324), deepwater Gulf of Mexico. In Flemings, P. B., Behrmann, J. H., John, C. M., and the Expedition 308 Scientists, Proc. IODP, 308: College Station TX (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International, Inc.), doi: 10.2204/iodp.proc.308.208.2008, 2008.

Gilhooly, W. P. III, R. S. Carney, and S. A. Macko, Relationships between sulfide oxidizing bacterial mats and their carbon sources in northern Gulf of Mexico cold seeps.  Organic Geochemistry, 38: 380-393, 2007.

Heyl, T.P., W.P. Gilhooly, R.M. Chambers, G.W. Gilchrist, S.A. Macko, C.D. Ruppel, C.L. Van Dover, Characteristics of vesicomyid clams and their environment at the Blake Ridge cold seep. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 339: 169-184, 2007.

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Jan H. Behrmann, Peter B. Flemings, Cédric M. John, and the IODP Expedition 308 Scientists, Rapid Sedimentation, Overpressure, and Focused Fluid Flow, Gulf of Mexico Continental Margin. doi:10.2204/, Scientific Drilling, 3: 12-17, 2006.

Expedition 308 Scientists.  Overpressure and fluid flow processes in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico: slope stability, seeps, and shallow-water flow. IODP Prel. Rept., 308. doi:10:2204/, 2005.

Ruppel, C., G.R. Dickens, D.G. Castellini, W. Gilhooly, and D. Lizarralde, Heat and salt inhibition of gas hydrate in the northern Gulf of Mexico, Geophys. Res. Lett., 32, L04605, doi:10.1029/2004GL021909, 2005.

Swap, R. J., J.N. Aranibar, P.R. Dowty, W. P. Gilhooly III, and S.A. Macko, Natural Abundances of 13C and 15N in C3 and C4 Vegetation of Southern Africa: Patterns and Implications, The SAFARI 2000 Kalahari Transect Wet Season Campaign of Year 2000 Thematic Issue, Global Change Biology, 10:350-358, 2004.

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Ballentine, D. C., S. A. Macko, V. C. Turekian, W. P. Gilhooly, B. Martincigh, Compound specific isotope analysis of fatty acids and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in aerosols: Implications for biomass burning.  Organic Geochemistry, 25 (1-2): 97-104, 1996.

Gilhooly, W. P, S. A. Macko, V. C. Turekian, R. J. Swap, M. Garstang, and W. F. Ruddiman, Stable Carbon Isotopic Analysis of Charcoal from Single Plant Sources. In: Biomass Burning and Global Change. Volume 1. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, pp. 466-471, 1996.  

Turekian, V. C., S. A. Macko, W. P. Gilhooly, D. C. Ballentine, R. J. Swap, and M. Garstang, Bulk and Compound Specific Isotopic Characterization of the Products of Biomass Burning: Laboratory Studies.  In: Biomass Burning and Global Change. Volume 1. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, pp. 422-427, 1996.

Recent Conference Abstracts (*student presentations)

Gilhooly, W. P., III, C. T. Reinhard, T. W. Lyons, and J. Glass.  Tracking photosynthetic sulfide oxidation in a meromictic lake using sulfate δ34S and δ18O, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 2012

Gilhooly, W. P., III, D. Fike, J. Amend, G. Druschel, and R. Price, Sulfur cycling in shallow-sea hydrothermal vents, Milos Greece, Midwest Geobiology, St. Louis, 2012.

*Voegerl, R. S., C. Broach, W. S. Elliott Jr., and W. Gilhooly III. Mudrock Variability Above Coals of the Carbondale Group (Desmoinesian) in Cores from Vanderburgh County, Indiana, GSA Annual Meeting, Charlotte, 2012

*Broach, C., W. Gilhooly III, C. Smith, W. S. Elliott Jr., and R. S. Voegerl. Paleoenvironmental History of Five Late Middle Pennsylvanian Cores (Carbondale Group) from the Illinois Basin, Southwest Indiana: A combined Geochemical and Geophysical Approach, GSA Annual Meeting, Charlotte, 2012.

Gorjan, P., D. A. Fike, and W. P. Gilhooly III.  Isotopic analysis of sulfide captured on photographic film: Laboratory and field experiments, Goldschmidt, Montreal, 2012.

Gilhooly, W. P., III, D. Fike, J. Amend, G. Druschel, and R. Price, Sulfur cycling in shallow-sea hydrothermal vents, Milos Greece, Goldschmidt, Montreal, 2012.

Price, R. E., D. E. LaRowe, B. Planer-Friedrich, W. P. Gilhooly, D. A. Fike, G. Druschel, J. P. Amend.The search for arsenotrophs in the arsenic-rich marine shallow-water hydrothermal system off Milos Island, Greece, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 2011. 

Gilhooly, W. P., D. A. Fike, J. P. Amend, R. E. Price, G. Druschel.  Sulfur isotope systematics of microbial mats in shallow-sea hydrothermal vents, Milos Island, Greece, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 2011

*Robinson, A. N., W. Gilhooly, T. W. Lyons, Lifting the sea: A CAS record of the transition to modern Lake Champlain, ACS Western Regional Meeting, Pasadena, 2011.

Cronin, T. M., J. A. Rayburn, P. Manley, R. Najjar, D. A. Franzi, R. Thunell, J.P- Guilbault, W. Gilhooly, B. G. Katz. D. Willard. Freshwater Glacial Lake Discharge Events From Eastern North America To The North Atlantic Before, During and After The Younger Dryas. INQUA, Bern, 2011.

Gilhooly III, W.P., Reinhard, C., and Lyons, T.  Sulfur isotope systematics of meromictic Mahoney Lake.  APE field workshop, Syracuse, 2010.

Gilhooly III, W. P., Robinson, A., Lyons, T. W., Manley, P., Cronin, T., Manley, T., and Kelley, C. From Sea to Lake, the geochemical history of Lake Champlain, North America.  Goldschmidt, Knoxville, 2010.

Gilhooly III, W.P., Reinhard, C., and Lyons, T.  Sulfur isotope systematics of meromictic Mahoney Lake.  Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland, 2010.

Gilhooly III, W.P., Reinhard, C., and Lyons, T.  Linking water column and sedimentary sulfur isotope patterns in a euxinic lake.  GSA Annual Meeting, Portland, 2009.

Gilhooly III, W.P., Johnston, D., Farquhar, J., Severmann, S., Lyons, T. W.  Diverse pathways of sulfur cycling in the modern Black Sea captured in rare sulfur isotope signatures.  16th Annual Goldschmidt Meeting, Davos, 2009.

Gilhooly III, W.P., Lyons, T., Farquhar, J., Johnston, D., Severmann, S.  Multiple Sulfur Isotope Signatures Across Environmental Gradients in the Modern Black Sea.  AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 2008. 

Li, X., Gilhooly, W.P., Zerkle, A.L., Lyons, T.W., Farquhar, J., Werne, J., Varela, J., Varela, R., Scranton, M.I.  Fractionation of Sulfur Isotopes in the Cariaco Basin.  AGU, 2008.

Gilhooly, W., Lyons, T., Reinhard, C., Love, G.  Developing a Modern Lake Geochemical Model for Interpreting Marine from Nonmarine Deposition on Early Earth.  GSA, 2008.

Lyons, T., Gilhooly, W., Reinhard, C., Love, G., Anbar, A., The Challenge of Distinguishing Between Marine and Nonmarine Deposition on Early Earth.  Astrobiology Science Conference, Santa Clara, 2008.

Research Cruises and Field Experience

Castor and Scanlon lakes, Washington, August 2012
Smith Hole, Indiana, water column sampling, October 2011
Shallow-sea hydrothermal vents, Milos, Greece.  Scuba diving, May 2011
USGS Land Drilling Glacial Lake Vermont, New York, September 2009
RV Melo Sira, Lake Champlain, Vermont, piston coring, September 2009
Mahoney Lake, British Columbia, water column sampling, July 2008
Mahoney Lake, British Columbia, water column sampling and piston coring, Sept 2006
RV Seward Johnson II/JSL-1, Gulf of Mexico, lead scientist on two JSL-1 dives, Aug 2006
JOIDES Resolution, IODP Gulf of Mexico Overpressures, geochemist, May 2005
RV Atlantis/Alvin, Gulf of Mexico, scientist on Alvin dive 3923, Oct 2003
RV Seward Johnson II/JSL-1, Gulf of Mexico, lead scientist on two JSL-1 dives, Sept 2003
RV Atlantis/Alvin, Blake Ridge, Windows to the Deep, scientist on Alvin dive 3908, July 2003
RV Seward Johnson I, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of Mexico Gas Hydrates, Oct 2002
Witwatersrand Deep Microbiology Project, South Africa, scientific party, Aug 2002
RV Seward Johnson II/JSL-1, Gulf of Mexico, scientist on JSL-1 dive, June 2002
RV Pelican, Gulf of Mexico, Seafloor experiment retrieval, May 2002
RV Seward Johnson II/JSL-1, Gulf of Mexico, Brine Pool mussels project, Mar 2002
RV Atlantis/Alvin,Blake Ridge, Deep East Leg 3, Sept 2001
SERC Water Quality Monitoring Network, FIU, Florida, 244 total days on the water, 2/1996-7/2001

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