Salt crusts along shoreline. Picture by Tim LyonsPurple sulfur bacteria from Mahoney Lake. Picture by Jen GlassResearch vessel on Mahoney Lake. Picture by Jen GlassSetting up syringe sampler and films. Picture by Anne DekasSyringe sampler and films recovered. Picture by Dave Fike

Mahoney Lake is a permanently stratified lake located in the scenic Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.  The anoxic and sulfidic (euxinic) water column supports a dense plate of photosynthetic bacteria.  We're exploring the biogeochemical cycles within the water column and sediments to learn more about anoxigenic photosynthesis and to find telltale biosignatures of this process that may be preserved in the sediments.

CoI’s: Joe Werne and Bill Gilhooly                                


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