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Advisor of the year award presented to biology student & alumni services coordinator

The Jaguar Academic Advising Association (JACADA) presented Jane Alexander with the 2016 Advisor of the Year Award at their Spring Tea and Annual meeting on March 18.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Alexander is the student & alumni services coordinator for the Indiana University-Purdue University School of Science Department of Biology. She has been with the department since 2008 and has served as a student advisor for 23 years.

More than 10 letters of recommendation from students, staff and faculty supported Alexander’s nomination for the award.

“Above and beyond her outstanding work as an advisor, Jane supports the biology department and the campus community by participating in campus events and bringing a warm, friendly, and inclusive spirit to everything she does,” said Barbara Coffey, a biology Ph.D. student at IUPUI. “She contributes a great deal to the sense of unity in our department and is truly an asset to IUPUI.”

Alexander is effective as an advisor because she sees her role as more than advising students which classes to take.

“I have come to understand that each person has a story, and that my job is to listen to their story,” Alexander said. “By doing this I am able to serve as a better advocate and teacher for that student and connect them with opportunities that will help them reach their goals.”