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Earth Sciences Stories

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  1. Jennifer Romine

    Jennifer Romine | 2013 Alumna, B.S. Biology, M.D. Student, IU School of Medicine | Biology Department

    Jennifer Romine looks back on her time in the School of Science as one of great transition, an eye-opening experience she never expected.

  2. Luis Ramos

    Luis Ramos | Biología, Pregrado | Biology Department

    El Becario internacional de Plater Luis Ramos se trasladó a 2.000 millas de su ciudad natal de Cidra, Puerto Rico, en el otoño del 2013 para estudiar biología en IUPUI.

  3. Carla Redden

    Carla Redden | Geology, Undergraduate | Department of Earth Sciences

    Teaching the bright students at Indianapolis Public Schools’ Joyce Kilmer Academy, Carla Redden has learned just as much as about herself as her students have about the environment and world around them.

  4. Kathy Licht

    Kathy Licht | Ph.D. Earth Science, Associate Professor | Department of Earth Sciences

    What some might envision as one of the coldest, starkest, loneliest places on earth is a scientific paradise to Kathy Licht, associate professor of geology at the School of Science at IUPUI.