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Alexa Bennett shares her experience as an exchange student to IUPUI

Alexa Bennett | earth sciences, graduate | Department of Earth Sciences


The National Student Exchange (NSE) encompasses over 200 universities, begging the question, which exchange program fits you? Alexa Bennett was ready to experience something new before graduating as an earth science student. With only four courses left for completion, Bennett was able to narrow down her search for an NSE school significantly. Staying in the Midwest and choosing somewhere on the East Coast seemed too simple—she wanted change, after all.

Colorado offers more than the four courses Bennett was hunting for. The seclusion was a breath of fresh air, the hikes brilliant as the sites became exposed. No humidity was a blessing when the temperatures rose, Bennett noting how tolerable the heat was compared to Indiana.

Seclusion brought forth a realization that shocked Bennett’s family—being away from her loved ones solidified her want to stay within Indiana. While the field trips with her geomorphology class were plentiful, her attachment to the Midwestern state remained.

A previous internship with Madison Chemical proved fruitful as Bennett was offered a full-time job starting January 2020. Once there, Bennett will train under one of the leads. Ideas are flowing as Bennett mentions a variety of plans to increase environmental sustainability at the workforce. When August rolls around, Bennett will find herself at IU Bloomington attaining her master’s degree in environmental science.

After navigating both IUPUI and the National Student Exchange program, Bennett is one step closer to obtaining her number one goal: protecting the Earth. Bringing awareness to single-use plastics and carbon emissions is a step in the right direction; though, Bennett is ready to implement her idea of reducing both topics and instilling more sustainable energy.

To learn more about the National Student Exchange program, contact Asha McCauleyor visit Taylor Hall Room 2143. Opportunities are endless at IUPUI—even in Colorado!

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