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Offering the best of Indiana University and Purdue University, IUPUI offers you more academic choices than any other university in the state.

You can choose from more than 255 Indiana University degree programs, more than 95 Purdue University programs—or even pursue degrees from both universities. The School of Science works hard to make new students feel at home on campus. Starting with enrollment counseling and followed by Office of Orientation Services, students have the opportunity to meet, work with, and get to know our staff, faculty, and advisors.

Science instructors are accessible and offer weekly office hours to provide extra help to students, and IUPUI offers a variety of services to help students succeed. These include mentoring, peer tutoring, over 300 student organizations, and counseling support.

Full-time faculty, not graduate students, will teach all your required courses, and even your introductory classes will usually have fewer than 50 students. Your advanced classes will have just 10-15 students, and you’ll work closely with your professors. The school maintains a student-faculty ratio of 17:1.

High School Students

Students applying to IUPUI directly from an Indiana high school are eligible for admission to the School Science if they:

  • Have a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Have minimum SAT scores (for tests completed prior to March 2016) of 500 math and combined critical reading/math of 1000 OR minimum ACT scores of 21 math and 21 composite.*
  • Have minimum SAT scores (for tests completed after March 2016) of 530 math and combined reading/math of 1080 OR minimum ACT scores of 21 math and 21 composite.*
  • Have completed Core 40 with college prep course grades of C or better.

*Physics applicants need minimum SAT scores (for tests completed prior to March 2016) of 550 math and 480 verbal/critical reading math OR minimum ACT scores of 24 math and 20 verbal. Completion of the writing section is required.  For comparable SAT scores for an SAT exam completed after March 2016, admission is based on minimum SAT scores of 570 math and a combined reading/math score of 1110.

If you are not in an Indiana high school, please refer to additional course requirements.

Students who do not meet these admissions criteria will be reviewed for admission to University College and may apply to the School Science once they have completed the Internal Admissions Requirements.


Online Application (Recommended) 

If you prefer to submit a hard copy of your application, you may request a PDF of the application form by emailing .

See Deadlines for future freshmen

Transfer Students

Each year, more than 3,000 students apply to transfer to IUPUI from other leading two and four-year schools across the nation.

When reviewing transfer applications, our admissions committee looks for students who have succeeded in obtaining a competitive grade point average in transferable academic credits.

Plan your transfer to IUPUI School of Science

  1. Review transfer student guide
  2. Review transfer student admissions standards
  3. See how your credits will transfer to IUPUI
  4. Key dates for transfer applicants
  5. Collect all your application materials

Where are you transferring from?

Current IUPUI students

Current Indiana University students

Current Purdue students

Current Ivy Tech Community College student

All other US transfer students

International students

Next steps after admission

  1. Attend a Transfer Tuesday
  2. Attend a Transfer Orientation
  3. Meet with your advisor

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See Deadlines for Transfer Students

Returning Students

Whether you have been away for one year or twenty, you always have a home at IUPUI. If you have been out less than two semesters (with the exception of summer terms), you do not need to apply through our office. Instead, please contact your academic advisor.

Students who have not enrolled in IUPUI courses for one year or more will need to reapply. If you were a School of Science student before you left, you will be considered for re-admittance once you submit a returning student application. If you are readmitted to the School of Science and have not enrolled in IUPUI courses:

  • For less than two years, you will be readmitted under your original bulletin
  • For two or more years, you will be readmitted under the current bulletin

If you were not previously a School of Science student, you will be considered for admission to a science program based on the Internal Admissions Requirements.

Visit the Admission Office website to learn more about readmission to IUPUI.

Dismissed Students

If you were dismissed from the School of Science and would like to apply for readmission, you will need to submit a returning student application to the Enrollment Center. Once your returning student application has been received, the Enrollment Center will send you a readmission application. The readmission application gives you the opportunity to explain your previous academic challenges and your plans to improve your academics if readmitted. Re-admissions applications must be submitted by June 15 for Fall semester, October 15 for Spring semester, or March 15 for Summer sessions. 

The School of Science and your academic department will review the readmission application. You will receive notification regarding their decision via regular mail. If you are readmitted, you will be required to meet with your academic advisor and Diana Sims-Harris, Director of Student Affairs in the School of Science, (dsimshar@iupui.edu) to discuss your probation status before you are able to register for courses.

See Deadlines for Returning Students

Current IUPUI Students

Declare Your Major

If you are an IUPUI student who is not in the School of Science or a current School of Science major who wants change your degree or pursue multiple majors in the School of Science:

  1. Please review the Internal Admissions Requirements before applying.

  2. Complete the Internal Admissions Application online.

Admissions decisions will take two to four weeks. Questions? Contact Darryl Newsom.

Apply now

International Students

Admissions Requirements

If you are an international student interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree from the School of Science at IUPUI, please visit the International Admissions website for admissions requirements, including English proficiency verification.

It is worth noting that IUPUI offers generous scholarships for international students, ranging from $5,000 to $27,000 per year for up to four years.

Sun Yat-Sen International 2 + 2 Program Admissions

SYSU and IUPUI have established collaborative degree programs, allowing qualified students to complete the first two years of the program at SYSU and a second two years at IUPUI. Students who meet all the requirements from IUPUI will be awarded the Purdue University Bachelor's degree. Learn more.

Resources for Prospective International Students

Apply to IUPUI as an International Freshman

Estudiantes Latinos

Explora Science (Explore Science)

? Por que Ciencias en IUPUI? (Why Science at IUPUI?)

Si te parece que las ciencias son la eleccion adecuada para ti, la School of Science te mostrara como es ser parte de una comunidad cientifica acogedora y te ayudara a crecer como cientifico joven.

See below for Spanish and English translations/Vease abajo para traducciones espanolas e inglesas.

Explora ciencia y aplicar

“The students and faculty at IUPUI have provided me with a great amount of support and encouragement. Conducting research has improved my understanding of physics."

Anna Mirza Physics, Mathematics, Undergraduate
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