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Man wearing lab coat and safety goggles holding leaf blower demonstrating air currents to large group of middle school students who are all wearing lab coats and safety goggles


Discovering the Science of the Environment

IUPUI Discovering the Science of the Environment (DSE) is an inquiry-based and interactive science education program for central Indiana fourth through ninth grade students and education professionals.

Mobile Technology Trailer Programs

Utilizing a mobile resource trailer equipped with interactive technology tools, web interface, and GIS mapping capabilities, the DSE program travels to your school to provide FREE educational programming at school ground natural areas. All programs are aligned to Indiana State Standards in science and mathematics and Excellence in Environmental Education - Guidelines for Learning (Pre K - 12), feature hands-on, outdoor scientific investigations and can be individually tailored to suit your surrounding local environment, science and technology education needs, student and teacher knowledge base, and time. 

Learn more about our mobile program

Discovering the Science of the Environment Summer Institute for Teachers

The Discovering the Science of the Environment institute incorporates curriculum and training from the nationally recognized Earth Partnership for Schools program, technology enhancements, and curriculum and training from Project WET (Water Education for Teachers). Learn more

Water Resources Field Trip to Lake Michigan

Join IUPUI CEES and the D J Angus-Scientech Education Foundation for a three day trip, June 14 - 16, 2013 to Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan and participate in water resource research with the Annis Water Resources Institute on Lake Michigan. Learn more

K-12 students

The School of Science and the IUPUI Center for Research and Learning offer a variety of programs created to encourage children's natural interest in the sciences.  For more information about any of these programs, contact science@iupui.edu

Summer Research & Science Education

Competitions, Fairs & Conferences

Colleges Courses and Credit for High School Students

  • SPAN: SPAN offers many opportunities that can be configured many ways. It permits motivated high school students to get started on their college education or just take courses that are not available at their local high school.
  • Project Lead the Way: IUPUI students can receive college credit for Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences courses either by taking the course at IUPUI or having received a stanine score of 6 or higher on the end of course assessment from their high school course.

K-12 teachers

IUPUI Science programs provide support for K-12 teachers interested in expanding their classroom resource base in the sciences. These initiatives enhance teachers’ professional development, helping them become subject matter experts and improve their materials and methods. In partnering with K-12 teachers and other education leaders, the School of Science at IUPUI is working with our community to build a brighter future.

Training Institutes & Continuing Education Programs

Programs for the Classroom & Your Students

Future teachers

For teachers in training, IUPUI programs provide valuable experience in urban classrooms.

Undergraduate students

For college graduates seeking a career change

“I hope to use my knowledge of science to help solve some of the environmental issues that we are currently facing and will continue to fight against in the future.”

Elliot Boyle Environmental Science, Undergraduate
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