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Students preparing activities for middle school students


Join an environment where students can explore, discover and learn through coursework and research. Earth Sciences faculty and students are exploring earth history and earth processes all over the world.

The Department of Earth Sciences is part of IUPUI, Indiana's main urban university, at the heart of Indiana's largest metropolitan area. Our location gives us the advantage of a large local job market for our graduates; research collaboration with government and industry leaders; and collaborations with IUPUI's other major schools. If you are interested in natural sciences that combine the most exciting aspects of laboratory and field research, you will find descriptions of many unique opportunities.

Mission & History

The Department of Earth Sciences has been an Indiana University academic program in the School of Science since the inception of IUPUI. Beginning as a solely undergraduate program offering the B.A. degree in Geology, the department has developed a research program and a more comprehensive range of academic and research programs over time, and now offers B.A., B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geology, a B.S. degree in Environmental Sciences, and most recently has instituted a Ph.D. degree in Applied Earth Sciences. Our goal is to be a nationally and internationally recognized academic and research program in earth sciences. We are committed to developing excellence in teaching, research, and service in the earth, environmental and planetary sciences.

The mission of the Department of Earth Sciences is to

  • Broadly educate students in the earth sciences, and raise educational awareness of human interactions with the environment,
  • Perform theoretical research that will increase understanding of the evolution of the linked  lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere, and better comprehend the human interactions with Earth  systems, and
  • Apply fundamental research to questions of national and global importance as a means to foster  responsible stewardship of Earth resources.

The goals of the Department of Earth Sciences are to build and maintain academic programs that  raise the educational achievement of IUPUI students, to develop new knowledge, and to further interdisciplinary collaborations across IUPUI and into our surrounding communities.

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